What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Most of us have asked one of these questions at some time in our lives: Do I suffer from ejaculation that is premature?

If you’ve experienced only what you consider to be the signs of this normal sexual disorder several times (and maybe trying to avoid the symptoms) or you’re worried the occurrence of underperforming has become a common occurrence You’ve likely been searching on Google to find out the cause of early ejaculation and ways to prevent or treat the signs.

In this piece, we’re going to breakdown the issue and address some of the most commonly asked concerns about this uncomfortable sexual problem that is experienced by 33% of men around the world – at the end of this article, you’ll be able to recognize early ejaculation and an suggestion on how to deal with it.

Letter W IconWhat is Premature Ejaculation?

In simple terms, the significance that is associated with early Ejaculation can be described as the failure of the individual to hold from (control time) from having an orgasmic experience typically, this inability to control the flow of his body can cause ejaculation in one to three minutes of vaginal ejaculation having been completed.

In one minute, the time span of 1-3 mins will differ between individuals in many cases , based on when symptoms began – specifically, there are two distinct kinds of premature ejaculation and the timescales that affect the way in which PE is classified.

Letter W IconHow Common is Premature Ejaculation?

Based on numerous research studies, there are many opinions on how many men are affected by this condition , however an estimate of the prevalence suggests that regardless of age , approximately 30percent of males have pre-ejaculation, a condition that is considered to be one of the most prevalent men’s sexual disorders.

While we’re aware of how many guys are suffering from early ejaculation it’s not something you’d wish to discuss with your partner or your friends. Despite studies that may indicate an approximate percentage however, the percentage of males affected by the condition and who choose to remain silent is probably even greater.

In essence, you’re the only one suffering from this problem – in fact the statistics indicate that for every 3 people you meet, 1 of them will have an element or early ejaculation. It’s not just you!

It’s also important to note that in many investigations and studies that analyzes the effects as well as the causes for premature ejaculation it is common references are made to the time frame after vaginal intercourse began, but it’s likely and typical that PE to be experienced in any sexual activity, even in the masturbation process, or before the first intercourse.

Letter W IconWhat are the Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation?

After having clarified what premature ejaculation actually is and the extent to which the condition is be in determining what the specific symptoms of this abysmal medical condition are. being said, the symptoms will always differ from person to.

There are three main symptoms that can cause an early onset of ejaculation and permit it to be detected.

  • One of the symptoms is that the ejaculation typically occurs when there is a lack of sexual stimulation, and as result , there is a very limited capacity to control the duration of orgasm or arousal In some instances, the ejaculation may occur before the point of penetration has been achieved (this is referred to as extreme early ejaculation).
  • The second symptom is because of the inability to control the time of the orgasm, this could cause a reduction in sexual pleasure. This is not just the case for you (the male) but it may result in a reduction in pleasure for your partner. For instance, if sexual relations only go close to foreplay before ending It’s understandable that there’ll be some displeasure and a decrease in enjoyment from all the parties affected (especially in the event that it happens time and repeatedly).
  • The 3rd symptom of This symptom is related to mental health and the way you feel. If you’re experiencing a lot of instances of excessive ejaculation it’s normal to begin having thoughts of anger, feelings of guilt shame, embarrassment or even guilt, particularly if your partner isn’t willing to understand or accomodate what you’re experiencing.

Letter W IconWhat Sort of Premature Ejaculation Do I Have?

The kinds that of early Ejaculation that you suffer from are classified as lifelong PE (primary) or Acquired PE (secondary).

  • Ejaculation that is lifelong This form of premature ejaculation is referred to as the main form of the disorder. It is seen in the first and subsequent sexual encounters. This type of lifelong (primary) early ejaculation is usually classified as occurring within a minute after vaginal insertion. It is estimated that this type of long-lasting (primary premature) ejaculation is believed to affect about two percent of the male population.
  • Ejaculation that is acquired prematurely It is usually called secondary premature ejaculation. It is an issue that men suffer from not having experienced any symptoms before, however they begin to experience PE after a few sexual encounters. The duration of acquired premature ejaculation are differ slightly – they generally are little longer, usually between the 3 and 5 minutes mark or lower.

If you’re able to stay longer than 3 minutes is that a sign that you aren’t suffering in early ejaculation?

Letter W IconHow Long, is Long Enough?

It’s not difficult to conclude it’s true that when having sexual sex it’s not longer than you’d like to (every male is looking to be more… as although we believe that staying longer means we’re better or are more effective at sex than guys who have a shorter duration) However, in the grand perspective how long should you be able to last?

There are many studies throughout the years, and even though on average the majority of men and women would like sexual encounters to last around 30 minutes however, the truth is that heterosexual relationships are significantly shorter, in actual the average spans close to six minutes!

This is a fascinating improvement over 1940 when studies revealed that around 75 percent of American men reached climax in only 2 minutes after starting their first an intercourse (which according to modern standards could be considered premature ejaculation) and in the 1980s and 90s, the concept of early the ejaculation could be defined as 8 and 15 thrusts, however in recent years sexual scientists have reduced that number to just a couple of minutes, rather than physically based actions e.g. “thrusts”.

If you’re enduring longer than 6 minutes, then you’re performing the normal amount of time when in comparison to other men. If you’d like to stay more than you do now, regardless of whether you do or do not have early ejaculation In this article, we’ve provided the various ways and treatments you could apply to make your life a extra time.

Why do certain men suffer from early ejaculation? But others don’t?

Letter W IconWhat Causes Premature Ejaculation?

In our second longer piece on the 13 main reasons your body is suffering premature ejaculation, we clarify that there’s no one causes of your load being blown prior to reaching the average six-minute mark.

The causes of premature ejaculation can be numerous and numerous but ultimately, you must be aware of whether the cause is mental as well as physical reasons. Each cause that causes early ejaculation may require a different approach and treatment.

When it comes to psychologically premature ejaculation we are talking about the causes like depression, stress relationships, stress and other types of anxiety.

When the physical premature eruption is concerned, we think and look at aspects such as age, but we also consider not so obvious and visible ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure thyroid issues hormone levels, even sleep deprivation.

Whatever the reason behind the cause of your excessive ejaculation the first action is to visit an expert medical doctor.

Eliminate the guesswork that could lead to negative results and more likely PE-related symptoms because of the stress that you feel when you try but not succeeding – find out precisely what’s causing your discomfort and go to see your doctor!

There’s no need to treat the symptoms of a mental illness even if you may are suffering from an physical problem and vice reverse, therefore it’s important to know and pinpoint exactly what is causing your particular excessive ejaculation.

Letter W IconDoes Premature Ejaculation Get worse with age?

Theoretically, it is possible to suggest that the signs from premature Ejaculation disappear with time as more advanced you become.

Many people believe they are experiencing PE is more likely to affect young men who are less experienced This assumption is true given that age generally is a sign of experience, and a less nerves (hence being more secure sexually) and the body’s tendency to slow to a crawl, developing more stimulation needed , and possibly the an onset of other ailments like Erectile dysfunction.

While early ejaculation is more likely to occur in men younger than the age of 50, if treated, premature ejaculation is a possibility and can get worse as we age.

If you experience it regularly for a long time the Ejaculation reflex (the response that facilitates the release of semen in orgasm) may increase and together with your excessive ejaculation causes what’s called rapid ejaculation in essence, you’ve experienced PE for a long time and your body believes it’s normal, and therefore treatment could be more of a fight.

Letter W IconDoes Premature Ejaculation Affect Fertility/Sperm Count?

Ejaculation that is premature is have no effect on directly impact the sperm number as well as your degree in fertility. However, having PE can possess the potential limit your fertility of a woman.

First of all, the premature eruption may be caused by an underlying medical condition and this condition may affect the levels of fertility, so it’s always recommended that you identify the reason for your PE through consulting a medical expert.

Additionally, certain men suffer from a extreme degree in prematurely ejaculating What this means is that high levels of arousal and inability to regulate the timing of gastric release can cause ejaculation prior to the time that penetration occurs. It is obvious that in the event that this happens, the ability to conceive naturally is a difficult and unproductive endeavor.

Letter W IconDoes Premature Ejaculation Cure Itself?

If you’ve had an excessive ejaculation only once or twice, there’s a good chance that it was due to anxiety, stress or drinking too much drink.

In this regard, symptoms could disappear without any specific treatment. You might say there is a possibility for the premature eruption to be cured without direct intervention.

It is, however, typically the most ideal case scenario. The reality is that if you’ve experienced instances with early ejaculation twice or three times in a short period of time, it’s likely to occur repeatedly and since you’re contemplating the possibility of repeating it and again, you’re more likely to have a chance of repeating it on a regular or frequent basis.

Simply put, you are likely be tempted to explore a treatment to ease the pain.

Letter W IconTreatment of Premature Ejaculation

In addition to a diverse variety of reasons and causes, there are also a myriad of methods of treatment of excessive ejaculation. The best method for you is contingent on the circumstances of your situation and the diagnosis made by medical professionals, personal preference and the level in excessive ejaculation you’re suffering from.

As a first step , you might want to consider thicker condoms, pelvic floor workouts (or Kegel exercises as they are also known) or a restriction ring while pumping your penis (such as Bathmate) are also proven to strengthen the penis as well as improve penile health. They can also in some cases help reduce PE symptoms.

Additionally, there are more specific methods based on medication. These could include oral medicines (both natural alternatives available over the counter as well as prescription medications) in addition to more extreme treatments like penile injections that use botox.

It’s important to note that when discussing the use of medication to treat a condition It could be you’re early ejaculation is the result of an or underlying issue (as we discussed in the earlier section about the reasons for early ejaculation).

Through taking care of the condition that is causing it, it is possible to let the physical condition to heal itself!

The third and final thing to consider is taking a look at your mental health in addition to the mental factors that may contribute to your health issues.

In some instances, you may need help or guidance from therapy who can assist you understand why you are feeling how you do is all you require. It’s the mindset that could be the cause of your symptoms . With the help of a psychotherapist you’ll be able not only comprehend the mental implications but also deal with and, over time, be able to overcome these.

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